Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michael Pollan

A big passion of mine is food sustainability and food justice, both for the consumer and the farmer. I believe in organic, bio intensive production, in paying our organic family farmers a living wage, and ensuring that our livestock are treated humanely. We decided that our family deserves organic food, grown as locally as possible. We have to sacrifice a larger portion of our paychecks to purchase the whole foods our family enjoys, but the rewards are worth it. It's a matter of priority. I just cut back in other areas. 

 I believe that the extra money I pay now for excellent produce actually saves me money (and heartache) later in life, as my health is better, my kids are healthier. Cheap food is expensive in the long run. We garden, we raise chickens and ducks, we go to the farmers market weekly, and we buy organic from grocers. I came across this stop motion animation from Michael Pollan, an author I admire. It sums up a lot of my thinking on the matter... and it's pretty entertaining!

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