Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Savoring the last bits of summer

Autumn has me savoring the last bits of warm weather, considering reviving this blog, and chasing the frost from what's left of my garden. I'll give it another go here, and document, if only for myself, a record of where I am so I know where I'm going. I forget what my art meant to me at the moment of it's creation, or even how it looked. I'm terrible about remembering to take photos. And just like this past summer, those memories slip through my fingers.

To hold on, I've done a bit of eco-dying. Otherwise known as plant based dyes. I gathered some purple basil, rise leaves, annual eucalyptus, and wild golden rod, made a composition of them on wool and silk, bundled tightly, and simmered with iron. The results are beautiful, ephemeral, and translucent like late summer's ghosts.

I'll post the finished eco dyed felt and silk photographs once I take a better shot. Until then, here's some steps of the journey.